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Simon began working in the film industry back in 1997 in Vancouver, BC. Starting with production on commercials, he shortly thereafter became a video playback operator. Simon then used his experience and passion for the industry to  start a digital video assist company. His company grew to be the biggest commercial video assist company in Vancouver doing over 400 commercial shoots a year for ten years. Simon has also been involved with many feature films including "Elf" and "Night at The Museum". 

During a brief stint in the Yukon on Discovery Channels "Gold Rush" as a camera operator, Simon partnered with another video operator (Oscar Irwin) and formed Gyronimo Aerials to deliver high-quality aerial content with electric drones for the show. Now 4 years later, and with well over 1000 hours in the air as an aerial camera operator, Simon travels the world as part of one of the most sought-after drone aerial teams in the business shooting for the BBC, National Geographic and of course the Discovery channel and Gold Rush.
Entering the film industry in 2000 Oscar began as a video assist operator for commercials and feature films in Vancouver. While on the set of Gold Rush in 2010, Oscar and Simon were surprised to learn that the production was having difficulties shooting regular and cost effective aerials. This inspired Oscar and Simon to form Gyronimo Aerials,  a company that would provide the ability to deliver all-new electric drone footage to the TV series. 

With a strong background in production, electronics and computer systems, Oscar became the lead technician (and first pilot) for Gyronimo.  His specialized experience includes servicing and building equipment that operates in difficult environments and conditions across the globe, with challenging conditions ranging from cold and -35c in the north, to dust and +35c in Africa. 

Oscar is now in business development and will be involved in aerial camera work for Gyronimo in the near future.
Patrick got his start in the industry by forming a video production company filming and producing extreme sports videos. With extensive experience in camera work, editing and post-production, Patrick landed a camera operator position with "Gold Rush" and was given the position of DOP within a year. Shortly after, he met Simon and Oscar on the set of the show and was introduced to the fascinating capabilities of  their electric drone cameras. Patrick was already an avid RC pilot with 7 years of single-rotor flight experience and was enthralled with the marriage of RC craft with cameras and the shooting possibilities. It didn't take much convincing for Simon and Oscar to see the potential for truly magnificent flights so they brought Patrick in as a partner in the Gyronimo venture. Now, with 4 years with the company, Patrick is a key member of the flight team, traveling to many exotic locations for Gyronimo's clients, doing what he loves best.
As a long time good friend of Patrick Weir and another RC single rotor flight enthusiast, Tommy was a natural fit for a partnership in Gyronimo. After stints on "Gold Rush" as well, Tommy brings editing, camera operating and years of flight experience to the team. He also spends his extra time immersed in film and TV sets throughout Vancouver as an actor and stand-in. His on-set experience makes it easy for him to interact with all our clients and work closely with them to achieve amazing shots. 

Most recently Tommy has been all over the globe flying drones in Panama for boat-to-boat chases over the pacific with Bear Grylls, remote resorts in Nicargua, and feature film high-speed car chases from the air in downtown Vancouver.

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