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[ A closer  look at the new Inspire 1 from DJI. ]
DJI Inspire 1: A Closer Look
[ Drone captures swans off guard in arctic pond. ]
Arctic Swans
[ Drone footage captures a group of deer off guard and curious. ]
Deer in Headlights
[ A video we created using aerial footage taken of the Yemaya Resort, Nicaragua. ]
Yemaya Resort
[ A commercial for Polaris ATVs. ]
Polaris Commercial
[ TV Show on ITV. ]
Bear Grylls: Mission Survive
[ TV show on Discovery Channel. ]
Highway Thru Hell: Clips
[ A short documentary film from Red Bull that incorporates our aerial footage. ]
Red Bull: Last Resort
[ Tv Show on ITV. ]
Mission Survive: Clip   
[ TV Show on  ITV. ]
Mission Survive: Select Clips Montage 
[ An inside look at the camera technology used in the show. ]
The Dirt - Gold Rush Gizmos
[ Last years demo reel for Gyronimo Aerials. New reel dropping soon. Music: "Animus Vox" by The Glitch Mob. ]
[ A behind the scenes look at production and cinematography. ]
Gold Rush: Behind the Scenes
[ TV Show on Discovery Channel. ]
Gold Rush: Season 5 Sneak Peek
[ Tv Show on National Geographic Wild. ]
DR. Oakley | Yukon Vet: Shoot Highlights
[ TV Show on  Discovery Channel. ]
Gold Rush: Season Finale Clip 
​778 . 879 . 9482 //
[ A collection of shots taken during filming for the second season of Mission Survive. ]
Costa Rica: Jungle Footage
[ Scenes from season 2 of Mission Survive with Bear Grylls, airing on ITV. ]
Mission Survive Season 2: with Bear Gylls
[ A promo we shot for DJI featuring the Sony A7S Low Light Camera. Shot entirely by Gyronimo Aerials. ]
Northern Lights
[ This season opener was shot entirely with Gyronimo equipment, pilots and camera operators. ]
Gold Rush: Season 6
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